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Westmor Industries

Westmor is launching several new bobtail opportunities at the National Propane Gas Association’s Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo:

  • Autogas Fill Cabinet – Designed for filling small fleets with propane autogas using a standard delivery bobtail.
  • Bottle Fill Cabinet – Designed for filling smaller cylinders using the built-in scale on a standard delivery bobtail. There are added cost savings by preventing extra trips to pick up and drop off cylinders.
  • Service Pack Cabinet – Design allows for convenient access to tools and storage. Many layouts available. Pair it with one of the other cabinets for the ultimate propane delivery system.

Each of our cabinets prevents added equipment investments and provides efficiencies by allowing drivers to maintain routes and service more customers.

  • Standardized Electrical System – Design allows for a centrally located diagnostic system with clean, simple access as well as easy maintenance, repair or placement.

The standardized electrical box makes it painless to determine where issues exist with centrally located relays, switches, fuses and connections.

Phone: 800-992-8981
Email: info@westmor-ind.com
Booth: T-1217


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