What can propane retailers do to increase visibility in their communities?

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Q: What can propane retailers do to increase visibility in their communities?

A: This is a really good question, especially during a time of social distancing. That aside, the following are suggestions for keeping your company visible at all times.

Foster strong relationships:

  • Use local vendors. Be active, and participate in shop-local initiatives when possible.
  • Be a resource of knowledge for the next generation. Get involved with mentoring and educating young individuals who might have an interest in the propane industry in the future. Organizations like the Boy Scouts and 4-H are good places to start. A majority of high schools have a work-to-learn program. Hire a high school junior or senior as an intern. Ease them into the jobs you can provide.

Contribute to valued causes in the community where you serve:

  • Use your expertise for good.
  • Organize or sponsor a charitable event.
  • Give back each time you make a sale.
  • Choose one day a year to get together as a team and volunteer.
  • Donate what you can.

Enhance physical visibility:

  • Clean up and brighten your company signage. Make it visible from a distance.
  • Wear your company uniforms and hats with pride. They represent your business and promote your company name.

These are just a few easy and, for the most part, inexpensive ideas for increasing the visibility of your company. Use them and modify them to fit your company’s needs.

Tony Botts is a marketing specialist at Propane Resources. Reach him at 913-262-8345.

Tammy Day is director of marketing and communications at Propane Resources. Reach her at 888-739-6732.

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