WLPGA honors women with 2023 awards

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The Women in LPG (WINLPG), a global network founded by the World LPG Association (WLPGA), named the 2023 winners of its Woman of the Year and Young Woman of the Year awards.

Glaura Kartalian, COO of SHV Energy in the Netherlands, and Julianna Kamaruddin, CEO of NGC Energy in Malaysia, were both named 2023 Woman of the Year. It is the first year the WLPGA honored two female leaders for the award.

“Beyond joining WINLPG, I encourage women and men to work together to raise awareness, to lead by example, and to promote best practices that empower and enable women in the workplace,” Kartalian says. “In this regard, I am delighted to be recognized for my own contributions and congratulate fellow award winner, Julianna Kamaruddin from NGC Energy in Malaysia, for her impressive accomplishments. I look forward to working with colleagues and peers as we continue building a more diverse, inviting and inclusive liquid gas community for all.”

“I am truly honored to receive the Woman of the Year award from WLPGA,” Kamaruddin says. “This recognition is a shared achievement, a testament to the collective dedication of the NGC Energy team. I take pride in their hard work and commitment, and I want to emphasize that this award is a reflection of their efforts as much as it is of mine.”

The Young Woman of the Year award recognizes a woman under 35 who has made contributions to the industry and demonstrated significant motivation. This year, the Young Woman of the Year award was given to Luciana Gomes, the research, development and innovation manager for Consigaz in Brazil.

“Receiving the 2023 Young Woman of the Year award is a great honor,” Gomes says. “This recognition not only highlights my trajectory, but also increases the visibility of home in Brazil and marks a significant advancement in my career.”

A new recognition this year, the Field/Technical Groundbreaker award is intended to highlight women who work in the field or in technical roles where women are significantly underrepresented. Isadora Dibo Rodrigues da Silva, a production coordinator with Ultragaz in Brazil, received the inaugural honor.

“I feel honored and flattered to win the first ever Field/Groundbreaker award, especially because of the great women who competed this year,” Rodrigues da Silva says. “I hope to keep contributing to a more innovative and inclusive environment in the LPG industry.”

The winners were awarded during LPG Week 2023 in Rome.

WINLPG looks for women who have shown commitment to business beyond profit, who show innovative thinking to achieving career goals, who created a positive impact on their business by promoting diversity and who show innovation in company turnaround.

Visit the Women in LPG Global Network to learn more and find out when the award nominations open for 2024.

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