Taking the gamble out of hiring

June 1, 2003 - By

With all of the security-related problems that companies face today, it makes no sense at all not to conduct pre-employment screening. read more

Laying a New Cornerstone

June 1, 2003 - By

Amid swirling rumors of an imminent sale to a competing major marketer, the future of CornerStone Propane should be decided in the next few months. read more

Paperwork finishes the job

June 1, 2003 - By

When it comes to safety, documentation is a labor of an unloved task. We hate the task because we hate the process. We hate the process because it feels like a waste of time and duplicate effort. There are times when we feel enough is enough. read more

How much is your company worth?

June 1, 2003 - By

In the interest of our ongoing discussions about how to increase the value of your business, let’s look at three of the most commonly used methods of determining value. I’ll share my opinions as to the strengths and weaknesses of each of these three methods, and tell you how most companies are valued. read more

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Only the qualified need apply

June 1, 2003 - By

In Crone v. United Parcel Service, Sarah Crone alleged that she was unfairly passed over for a promotion as a UPS dispatcher supervisor. read more

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Senate pushes energy incentives

June 1, 2003 - By

Increased grant money for energy production and efficiency has gotten a boost in Congress with the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee’s approval of the Energy Policy Act of 2003. read more

Just the facts – finally

June 1, 2003 - By

Safety is a relative term. Don't believe it? Try disputing the catchy phrase that competing energy vendors use to lure prospective customers: "Go propane, go boom." read more