2024 Top Propane Retailers: Highest gallon sales

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LP Gas’ annual ranking of the largest retail propane companies in the U.S. is measured by gallon sales.

See below who made the list, ranked by 2023 retail propane gallon sales.

See a breakdown of 2024 rankings:



Company Location Gallons
1. AmeriGas Propane King of Prussia, Pa. 823,000,000
2. Ferrellgas Liberty, Mo. 602,143,000
3. Suburban Propane Partners Whippany, N.J. 396,400,000
4. Superior Plus Propane  Rochester, N.Y. 317,800,000
5. Growmark Inc. Bloomington, Ill. 270,356,134
6. ThompsonGas LLC  Frederick, Md. 200,000,000
7. DCC Propane LLC  Lisle, Ill. 150,000,000
8. Blossman Gas Inc.  Ocean Springs, Miss. 125,000,000
9. EDP  Chicago 118,000,000
10. Empire Gas Co. Inc.  San Juan, Puerto Rico 110,360,000
11. MFA Oil Co.  Columbia, Mo. 100,000,000
12. Dead River Co. South Portland, Maine 86,000,000
13. CHS Inc.  Inver Grove Heights, Minn. 84,100,000
14. Lakes Gas
Wyoming, Minn. 68,200,000
15. Paraco Gas  Rye Brook, N.Y. 64,662,600
16. Pinnacle Propane  Irving, Texas 50,000,000
17. Eastern Propane & Oil Rochester, N.H. 49,300,000
18. Co-Alliance Cooperative Inc. Indianapolis 46,500,000
19. Sharp Energy Inc.  Georgetown, Del. 45,000,000
20. Lettermen’s Energy Overland Park, Kan. 35,981,344
21. Matheson Irving, Texas 33,773,298
22. Valley Wide Cooperative Nampa, Idaho 30,000,000
23. Federated Co-ops Inc. Princeton, Minn. 28,255,421
24. Scott Petroleum Corp. Itta Bena, Miss. 27,000,000
25. ALCIVIA Cottage Grove, Wis. 26,715,000
26. Meritum Energy Holdings  San Antonio 26,660,940
27. Crystal Flash Inc.  Grand Rapids, Mich. 23,320,000
28. Dooley’s Petroleum Inc.  Willmar, Minn. 17,680,000
29. American Cylinder Exchange-Rhine LLC West Palm Beach, Fla. 17,280,000
30. Delta Liquid Energy  Paso Robles, Calif. 17,095,180
31. Central Farm Service Truman, Minn. 15,461,000
32. Premier Cooperative  Mount Horeb, Wis. 14,900,000
33. Country Visions Cooperative  Brillion, Wis. 13,200,000
34. Herring Gas Co. Inc.  Meadville, Miss. 13,100,000
35. Foster Fuels Inc.  Brookneal, Va. 11,900,000
36. Energy Partners LLC  Missoula, Mont. 11,000,000
37. Pearl City Elevator  Lena, Ill. 10,924,606
38. Superior Fuel Co.  Duluth, Minn. 10,540,000
39. Christensen Inc.  Richland, Wash. 10,500,000
40. D.F. Richard Energy Dover, N.H. 10,043,480
41. Cole Oil & Propane  Lomira, Wis. 9,450,000
42. 21st Century Energy Group  New Castle, Pa. 8,724,000
43. Milton Propane  Milton, Wis. 8,700,000
44. Northern Star Cooperative Services  Deer River, Minn. 8,564,000
45. Marsh Energy Inc.  Greeneville, Tenn. 8,450,000
46. Northwest Propane Carrollton, Texas 7,723,170
47. Enderby Gas Inc. dba Bishop Energy  Gainesville, Texas 7,991,376
48. CoEnergy Propane  Redmond, Ore. 7,100,000

AmeriGas Propane
Location: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Founded: 1959
Owner: UGI Corp.
2023 FY retail gallons: 823,000,000
Outlets: 1,380; States: 50
Customers: 1,200,000
Employees: 5,160; Bobtails: 2,640; Transports: 320
Officers: Raymond Kaszuba, interim president; Michelle Bimson Maggi, VP, law; Kevin Kelleher, VP, supply & logistics operations; Josh Hobson, controller
Operations managers: James Palkovic, VP, field operations East Division; Koury Ensley, VP, field operations West Division; Tom McMahon, VP, field operations Central Division

Location: Liberty, Missouri
Founded: 1939
Owners: Publicly held (OTC: FGPR) and employee owned through the Ferrell Cos. Inc. employee stock ownership plan
2023 FY retail gallons: 602,143,000
States: All 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
Outlets: 803; Employees: 4,005
Officers: Tamria A. Zertuche, president & CEO; Michael E. Cole, CFO
Operations managers: VPs: Chet Reshamwala, head of Blue Rhino; Geoffrey Jaynes, Blue Rhino operations; Tim Sayers, retail operations; Brian Numrich, trading & distribution; Jill Rhoades, production; Meg Sharp, operations support; Lisa Zuppas, strategic operations

Suburban Propane Partners
Location: Whippany, New Jersey
Founded: 1928
Owner: Publicly held
2023 FY retail gallons: 396,400,000
Outlets: 700; States: 42
Customers: 1,000,000
Employees: 3,240; Bobtails: 1,021
Transports: 10
Storage volume: 22,000,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 1,100,000
Acquisitions: 1 (1,100,000 gallons)
Officers: Michael A. Stivala, president & CEO, member of the board of supervisors; Michael A. Kuglin, CFO; Steven C. Boyd, COO; Douglas T. Brinkworth, SVP, product supply, purchasing & logistics; Neil E. Scanlon, SVP, information services; Daniel S. Bloomstein, VP, controller & CAO; Francesca Cleffi, VP, HR; A. Davin D’Ambrosio, VP & treasurer; M. Douglas Dagan, VP, strategic initiatives, renewable energy; Bryon L. Koepke, VP, general counsel & secretary; Keith P. Onderdonk, VP, operational support; Nandini Sankara, VP, marketing & brand strategy; Michael A. Schueler, VP, product supply; Alejandro Centeno, VP, operations; VPs, area operations: Daniel W. Boyd, John D. Fields, Samuel Hodges, Brent C. Stubbs

Superior Plus Propane
Location: Rochester, New York
Founded: 1922
2023 FY retail gallons: 317,800,000
Outlets: 199; States: 22
Employees: 2,500; Bobtails: 985
Transports: 75
Acquisitions: 2 (Acme Propane, CA; Tehachapi Branch-Kern River Propane, CA)
Officers: Andy Peyton, president; Jason Fortin, SVP, business transformation; VPs: Chris DeFilippo, marketing; Andy Desmann, finance; James Devens, operations; Tommy Manion, operations; Steve Murk, HR
Operations managers: GMs: Dan Dixon, Bob Lewis, Mike McCormack, Jeff Stanton, Dan Stowell, James Watson

Growmark Inc.
Location: Bloomington, Illinois
Founded: 1927
Owners: Member-owned farmer’s cooperative
2023 FY retail gallons: 270,356,134
Outlets: 58; States: 24
Officers: Kevin Malchine, chairman of the board; Mark Orr, CEO; Kelvin Covington, VP Energy

ThompsonGas LLC
Location: Frederick, Maryland
Founded: 1946
2023 FY retail gallons: 200,000,000
Outlets: 152; States: 25
Acquisitions: 4
Officers: Erik Peterson, CEO; Jim Davis, COO; Scott Jackson, CFO; Sriram Iyer, CIO; Jennifer Jarboe, CHRO; Scott Miller, CLO; Jordan Landrum, EVP; Jeff Kerns, chairman
Operations managers: Jon Loeb, SVP, sales & marketing; VPs: Rob Hollasch, finance; Dan Carrigan, business development; Travis Ochs, supply; John Stone, IT; Mark Detloff, safety; Gary Fremder, data & analytics

DCC Propane LLC
Location: Lisle, Illinois
Founded: 2017
Owner: Publicly traded
2023 FY retail gallons: 150,000,000
Outlets: 142; States: 21; Employees: 900
Officers: Matt Dantinne, CEO; Killian Bane, CFO; Ron Snyder, COO; Tylene Kami, VP, HR; Andy Hewison, SVP, IT; Warren Patterson, SVP, renewable energy & services; regional VPs: Jason Foster, West; Will Rudich, East; Robbie Scott, VP, strategy & corporate development; Reena Mistry, sales & marketing director; directors: Brad Brooks, strategic sourcing; Jessica Kelsey, digital & IT; Tim Brown, performance; Dr. Richshalla Papillion, HSE; Eric Gibson, legal affairs
Operations managers: GMs: John Pianki, Pacific Northwest; Kevin Bennett, Rocky Mountains; Eric Payne, Central Plains; Kelly Arlis, Great Lakes; Gary Hanna, Central Illinois; Ryan Kratzenberg, Smoky Mountains; Kenneth Prince, Midwest; David Darrah, New England

Blossman Gas Inc.
Location: Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Founded: 1951
Owners: Blossman family
2023 FY retail gallons: 125,000,000
Outlets: 82; States: 16; Customers: 225,000
Employees: 1,100; Bobtails: 305
Acquisitions: 5
Officers: Stuart Weidie, president & CEO; David Reynolds, COO; Frank Parent, CFO; Todd Reinke, CAO
Operations managers: Regional VPs: John Fowler, James Harris, Don James, Scott Prewitt, Keith Stringer, Kevin Tobolski

Location: Chicago
Founded: 2012
2023 FY retail gallons: 118,000,000
Outlets: 54; States: 19; Customers: 206,500
Employees: 700; Bobtails: 304; Transports: 30
Storage volume: 6,960,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 2
Officers: Thomas Knauff, CEO; Boyd McGathey, president & COO; John Casper, CFO; David Stroupe, executive VP, corporate development; Kathy Johnson, executive VP & chief HR officer
Operations managers: Chris Daly, senior VP, operations; regional VPs: Bill Wiest, East; Merle Edington, Southwest; Andy Fellman, Northwest; Paige O’Dell, Central; VPs: Russ Head, safety; Daniel Dixon, corporate development; Jim Rushing, sustainability strategies; directors: Travis Dunham, supply & logistics; Brenda Griffie, field technical support; Paula Laney, field training & continuous improvement; managers: Cathy Adams, customer experience; Laura Hawkinson, business intelligence

Empire Gas Co. Inc.
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Founded: 1967
Owners: González Simounet family
2023 FY retail gallons: 110,360,000
Outlets: 110; States: 3; Customers: 12,000
Employees: 705; Bobtails: 107; Transports: 60
Storage volume: 17,000,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 15,000
Acquisitions: 3
Officers: Ketty González Simounet, COO; Ramón González Simounet, VP & CFO; Xavier González Simounet, treasurer; Waleska González Simounet, AVP
Operations manager: Jose Sisco, corporate general director

MFA Oil Co.
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Founded: 1929
Owners: Farmer-owned cooperative
2023 FY retail gallons: 100,000,000
Outlets: 190; States: 7; Customers: 50,000
Employees: 525; Bobtails: 245
Storage volume: 9,000,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 30,000
Officers: Jon Ihler, president & CEO; Jeff Raetz, CFO; SVPs: Kenny Steeves; James Greer; Ed Harper, VP

Dead River Co.
Location: South Portland, Maine
Founded: 1909
2023 FY retail gallons: 86,000,000
Outlets: 70; States: 5
Officers: Casey Cramton, president & CEO; Jeremy Young, EVP, CFO; Guy Langevin, EVP, CAO
Operations managers: VPs: Al Bugbee, regional operations; Alan Dorr, procurement & wholesale; Doug Goodman, regional operations

CHS Inc.
Location: Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
Founded: 1929
2023 FY retail gallons: 84,100,000
States: 44; Employees: 10,000-plus; Transports: 380
Officer: Scott Pearson, VP, propane
Operations managers: Sales managers: Kyle Wolf, North; Rick Rugless, South; directors: Tyler Kelly, supply; Bryan Wendt, propane risk & asset development; Tyler Kelly, trading; Andy Ernst, marketing manager

Lakes Gas
Location: Wyoming, Minnesota
Founded: 1959
Owners: Sargeant family
2023 FY retail gallons: 68,200,000
Outlets: 54; States: 6
Employees: 325; Bobtails: 152; Transports: 6
Acquisitions: 1
Officers: Trent Hampton, president & CEO; Steven Savitz, CFO; Tony Buck, VP, safety & supply
Operations managers: Ben Guzzi, director, business operations; David Anderson, North division; Aaron Huizenga, East division; Chris McGuire, West division; Amy May, Central division; Jason Hellendrung, physical operations

Location: Rye Brook, New York
Founded: 1968
Owner: The Armentano Family
2023 FY retail gallons: 64,662,600
Outlets: 27; States: 8; Customers: 119,000
Employees: 425; Bobtails: 100; Transports: 12
Storage volume: 1,466,000 gallons
Officers: Joe Armentano, CEO, chairman of the board; Christina Armentano, COO, EVP; John Moore, CFO
Operations managers: GMs: Will Fabrizio, centralized operations; Dan Scicutella, field operations

Pinnacle Propane
Location: Irving, Texas
Founded: 2010
Owner: SHV Energy
2023 FY retail gallons: 50,000,000
Outlets: 41; States: 9; Customers: 80,000
Employees: 385; Bobtails: 184; Transports: 8
Storage volume: 9,050,000 gallons
Officers: Massih Niazi, CEO; Barbara Vecchio, CFO; Per Nielsen, CCO
Operations manager: Tom Davis, COO

Eastern Propane & Oil
Location: Rochester, New Hampshire
Founded: 1932
Owners: Clement & Anderson Family
2023 FY retail gallons: 49,300,000
Outlets: 16; States: 5; Customers: 99,150
Employees: 533; Bobtails: 134; Transports: 5
Storage volume: 2,568,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 2
Officers: Charles V. Clement III, chairman & president; Thomas Manson, CEO; Charles V. Clement IV, CTO; Meghan Anderson, CCO; Josh Anderson, VP, sales & marketing; Diane Brown, CFO; Robert Young, COO; Kathy Ford, SVP, business systems; Timothy Condon, general counsel & VP, human resources & risk management; Mark Stone, VP, information services; Bob Lefebvre, VP, supply; Penney Mabey, AVP, customer care; Mike Gagne, AVP, fleet; Jenn Guldemond, AVP, finance & controller; Arthur Burns, AVP, logistics; Jennifer Kinville, AVP, human resources; Evan Bonney, AVP, risk management; Tony Romano, AVP, supply; Kathy Donlon, assistant to the president
Operations managers: regional managers: William Massey, New Hampshire east & Maine; Brandt Lambert, New Hampshire central/west; James Blake, Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Co-Alliance Cooperative Inc.
Location: Indianapolis
Founded: 1927
Owners: Farmer-owned cooperative
2023 FY retail gallons: 46,000,000
Outlets: 26; States: 3; Customers: 46,529
Employees: 75; Bobtails: 59; Transports: 3
Storage volume: 2,570,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 46,292
Acquisitions: 2 (Plymouth Propane & Rochester LP Gas)
Officers: Kevin Still, president & CEO; Scott Logue, EVP; Todd Masten, VP, energy
Operations managers: Mike Hayden, director of propane; managers: Chuck Boyd, Todd Duncan, Todd Shaw, Jeff Witham, Shane Young

Sharp Energy Inc.
Location: Georgetown, Delaware
Founded: 1981
Owner: Chesapeake Utilities Corp. (CPK)
2023 FY retail gallons: 45,000,000
Outlets: 29; States: 7; Customers: 89,500
Employees: 325; Bobtails: 129; Transports: 9
Storage volume: 9,126,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 1; 850,000 gallons (J.T. Lee and Son’s)
Officer: Andy Hesson, VP, propane operations
Operations manager: Eric Mays, director, propane operations

Lettermen’s Energy
Location: Overland Park, Kansas
Web: lettermensenergy.com
Founded: 2021
Owners: Privately held
2023 FY retail gallons: 35,981,344
Outlets: 39; States: 18; Customers: 38,000
Employees: 221; Bobtails: 101
Storage volume: 1,365,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 6; 9,100,000 gallons acquired (CountryStyle Propane, Scotty’s Propane, WIN Propane, Mountain Country Propane, Central Propane, Hub City Propane)
Officers: Stephen Wambold, CEO; Bill Ruisinger, CFO; Randy Schott, COO; Jim Saladin, CMO; Kelly Bosak, CPO; Eric Kruger VP of BD; Brian Herrmann, CAO
Operations managers: regional VPs: Bryan Wright, Southwest; Eric Nelson, Northwest; Joe Pischke, Great Lakes; Rick O’Connor, Midwest; Dan Thompson, Central. GMs: Mark Lolkus, Andy Johnson, Eric Antrim, Ed Hansen, Bob Martin, Chris Anderson, Jesse Pelayo, Karl Winbigler, Tom Kastrava; directors of sales: Eric Bates, West; Kevin Ohnoutka, East

Location: Irving, Texas
Founded: 1927
Owner: The Nippon Sanso Holdings Group
2023 FY retail gallons: 33,773,298
Employees: 4,500; Bobtails: 76

Valley Wide Cooperative
Location: Nampa, Idaho
Founded: 1920
2023 FY retail gallons: 30,000,000
Outlets: 19; States: 7; Customers: 34,000
Employees: 138; Bobtails: 68; Transports: 4
Storage volume: 1,319,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 25,000
Acquisitions: 1; 250,000 gallons (Salt River Propane)
Officers: Dave Holtom, CEO; Brad Locke, CFO; Greg Mapes, COO
Operations managers: Regional managers: Tom Daniels, Central; Barry Bergholm, Eastern; Jake Astorquia, Western

Federated Co-ops Inc.
Location: Princeton, Minnesota
Founded: 1942
Owner: Federated Co-ops Inc.
2023 FY retail gallons: 28,255,421
Outlets: 21; States: 2; Customers: 42,210
Employees: 74; Bobtails: 56; Transports: 7
Storage volume: 1,778,000 gallons Company tanks at customer sites: 41,000
Officer: Glenn L. Lood, president
Operations managers: Mike McMahon, CEO; Mark Grave, director of energy

Scott Petroleum Corp.
Location: Itta Bena, Mississippi
Founded: 1935
Owner: C&S Fuels LLC
2023 FY retail gallons: 27,000,000
Outlets: 59; States: 3; Customers: 40,000
Employees: 503; Bobtails: 101; Transports: 13
Storage volume: 2,550,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 34,000
Officer: Andy Hesson, VP, propane operations
Operations manager: Eric Mays, director, propane operations

Location: Cottage Grove, Wisconsin
Founded: 2021
Owners: Patron-owned cooperative
2023 FY retail gallons: 26,715,000
Outlets: 80; States: 4; Customers: 32,135
Employees: 420; Bobtails: 30; Transports: 7
Storage volume: 1,900,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 25,700
Officers: James Dell, CEO, president; Jude Wolf, VP, energy & retail

Meritum Energy Holdings
Location: San Antonio
Founded: 2015
Owner: Meritum Energy GP LLC
2023 FY retail gallons: 26,660,940
Outlets: 22; States: 4; Customers: 30,900
Employees: 270; Bobtails: 117; Transports: 7
Storage volume: 1,200,000 gallons
Officers: Chris Hill, CEO; Rob Chalmers, CFO; Tom Van Buren, COO

Crystal Flash Inc.
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Founded: 1932
Owners: Employee-owned
2023 FY retail gallons: 23,320,000
Outlets: 15; States: 1; Customers: 30,000
Employees: 300; Bobtails: 54; Transports: 56
Storage volume: 1,000,000 gallons
Officers: Brad Gandy, CEO; Randy Gehrke, COO; Charles Kroll, CFO; Doug Beverage, CIO; Brad Morrill, CXO
Operations managers: Directors: Pete Aardema, bulk plant operations; Craig Broekhuizen, transportation; Tai Ly, customer support services

Dooley’s Petroleum Inc.
Location: Willmar, Minnesota
Founded: 1985
Owner: Randy Dooley
2023 FY retail gallons: 17,680,000
Outlets: 8; States: 2; Customers: 15,500
Employees: 65; Bobtails: 24; Transports: 11
Storage volume: 1,034,700 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 10,309
Acquisitions: 1; 1,450,000 gallons (Sheehan Gas)
Officers: Randy Dooley, CEO; Scott Jones, COO; Mike Johnson, CFO
Operations managers: Dan Selander, director of operations; Heidi Hagen, logistics; Scott Mitteness, service

American Cylinder Exchange-Rhine LLC
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Founded: 200
Owners: American Cylinder Exchange LLC and Rhine LLC
2023 FY retail gallons: 17,280,000
Outlets: 14; States: 17; Customers: 16,200
Employees: 142; Bobtails: 6
Forklift cylinder delivery trucks: 90
Storage volume: 510,000 gallons

Delta Liquid Energy
Location: Paso Robles, California
Founded: 1936
Owners: Platz family
2023 FY retail gallons: 17,095,180
Outlets: 9; States: 5; Customers: 16,047
Employees: 121; Bobtails: 49; Transports: 9
Storage volume: 1,800,000 gallons
Officers: D. Frank Platz, CEO; William Platz, president; Cynthia Belmont, VP, administration; Robert Jacobs, VP, business enterprises; Phil Comstock, VP, retail operations

Central Farm Service
Location: Truman, Minnesota
2023 FY retail gallons: 15,461,000
Outlets: 10; States: 2; Customers: 7,800
Employees: 31; Bobtails: 15
Storage volume: 1,618,000 gallons
Officer: Steve Scholtz, VP, energy
Operations manager: Jim Jung, energy operations manager

Premier Cooperative
Location: Mount Horeb, Wisconsin
Founded: 1893
2023 FY retail gallons: 14,900,000
Outlets: 7; States: 1; Customers: 15,000
Employees: 30; Bobtails: 20
Storage volume: 800,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 15,700
Officer: Matt Severson, CEO
Operations manager: Tim Lease, energy division manager

Country Visions Cooperative
Location: Brillion, Wisconsin
Founded: 1923
2023 FY retail gallons: 13,200,000
Outlets: 6; States: 2; Customers: 15,000
Employees: 37; Bobtails: 31; Transports: 1
Storage volume: 1,400,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 15,000
Officers: David Neal, VP, energy; Carl Kiedrowski, energy division manager
Operations managers: John Leurquin, central; Carrie Kowalczyk, western; Dennis Taylor, northern

Herring Gas Co. Inc.
Location: Meadville, Mississippi
Founded: 1946
Owners: Herring family
2023 FY retail gallons: 13,100,000
Outlets: 21; States: 2; Customers: 42,000
Employees: 175; Bobtails: 69; Transports: 4
Storage volume: 1,900,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 28,734
Officers: Ed Herring, chairman of the board; Jody Herring, president; Tommy Smallwood, VP; Colby Bass, CFO
Operations managers: Troy Marcukaitis, Hayden Herring, Mike Conerly, Chris Hamilton Sr., Molly Tucker

Foster Fuels Inc.
Location: Brookneal, Virginia
Founded: 1921
Owner: Watt R. Foster Jr.
2023 FY retail gallons: 11,900,000
Outlets: 6; States: 1; Customers: 20,000
Employees: 240; Bobtails: 26; Transports: 9
Storage volume: 380,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 11,000
Officers: Watt R. Foster Jr., president & CEO; Darrell St. John, SVP & CIO; Karen Walker, EVP; Darryl Whitesell, CFP & general counsel
Operations managers: Rick Tate, VP, propane technical operations; Lindie Honsberger, VP, propane services

Energy Partners LLC
Location: Missoula, Montana
Founded: 2001
Owners: Missoula Electric Coop / CHS Inc.
2023 FY retail gallons: 11,000,000
Outlets: 7; States: 1; Customers: 18,600
Employees: 66; Bobtails: 23; Transports: 1
Storage volume: 830,000 gallons
Officers: DeWayne O’Brien, GM; Bridget Mentel, controller; Tucker Eslinger, safety director
Operations managers: Dustin Smith, Dustin Bertot, Bob Dube, John Thomas, Mike Muller, Tim Buchanan

Pearl City Elevator
Location: Lena, Illinois
Founded: 1917
Owners: Board of directors
2023 FY retail gallons: 10,924,606
Outlets: 7; States: 1; Customers: 2,696
Employees: 15; Bobtails: 8
Storage volume: 450,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 1,156
Officers: Rodrigo Zorbaran, CEO
Operations managers: Greg Burckhardt, energy operations manager

Superior Fuel Co.
Location: Superior, Wisconsin
Founded: 2006
2023 FY retail gallons: 10,540,000
Outlets: 5; States: 3; Customers: 21,787
Employees: 122; Bobtails: 18; Transports: 4
Storage volume: 1,132,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 10,858
Officers: Robert Hall, CEO; Ryan Gunderson, president; Joe Stariha, CFO
Operations managers: Ben Crosby, VP, operations; Cody Jones, VP, sales

Christensen Inc.
Location: Richland, Washington
Founded: 1980
Owners: The Christensen family – Gary, Annette, Brandon, Tony, Justin, Quentin & Keagan Christensen
2023 FY retail gallons: 10,500,000
Outlets: 16; States: 3; Customers: 12,000
Employees: 500; Bobtails: 14; Transports: 7
Storage volume: 180,000 gallons plus up to 20 rail cars
Company tanks at customer sites: 1,500
Officers: Tony Christensen, CEO & president; Scott Phillips, CFO
Operations managers: Tim Wolthuis, eastern Washington & Idaho; Travis Paulson, western Washington

D.F. Richard Energy
Location: Dover, New Hampshire
Founded: 1932
Owner: D.F. Richard Family LP
2023 FY retail gallons: 10,043,480
Outlets: 1; States: 2; Customers: 15,000
Employees: 60; Bobtails: 12
Storage volume: 390,000 gallons
Officers: Robert Richard, president; Ryan Jackson, CEO; Linda Nye, CFO; Abigail Rooney, controller
Operations managers: Ryan Card, operations manager; Michael Lapanne, assistant operations manager; David Warriner, propane service manager; Steven Vachon, oil service manager

Cole Oil & Propane
Location: Lomira, Wisconsin
Founded: 1921
Owners: Tom, Tony & Traci Cole
2023 FY retail gallons: 9,450,000
Outlets: 3; States: 1; Customers: 9,875
Employees: 27; Bobtails: 21; Transports: 1
Storage volume: 498,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 8,500
Officers: Tony Cole, president; Tom Cole, VP; Traci Cole, VP
Operations managers: Nick Tasch, Ripon branch manager; Craig Tillema, Friesland branch manager; Mike Holzmann, service manager; Steve Schill, operations manager

21st Century Energy Group
Location: New Castle, Pennsylvania
Founded: 1962
2023 FY retail gallons: 8,724,000
Outlets: 7; States: 4

Milton Propane
Location: Milton, Wisconsin
Founded: 1967
Owner: John Arndt
2023 FY retail gallons: 8,700,000
Outlets: 6; States: 2; Customers: 13,500
Employees: 37; Bobtails: 18; Transports: 5
Storage volume: 550,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 10,100
Officer: John Arndt, president & CEO
Operations managers: Meghan Showen, corporate office manager; Mattie Arndt, corporate marketing manager; branch managers: Doug Fondriest, Mason King, Scott Arverson, Dale Medema, Walt Wingo

Northern Star Cooperative Services
Location: Deer River, Minnesota
Founded: 1922
Owners: Member-owned cooperative
2023 FY retail gallons: 8,564,000
Outlets: 7; States: 1; Customers: 12,000
Employees: 170; Bobtails: 19; Transports: 1
Storage volume: 675,000 gallons
Company tanks at customer sites: 11,000
Officers: Bradley Box, CEO; James Peterson, president; Victor Williams, VP; Travis Anttila, secretary; directors: Shirley Nixon; Ryan Fox; Barb Gunderson; Jason Newberg
Operations managers: Nicole Osse, assistant GM; Patrick Bleth, operations manager; Brenda Hendrickson, credit manager

Marsh Energy Inc.
Location: Greeneville, Tennessee
Founded: 1966
Owners: S.W. Marsh Family
2023 FY retail gallons: 8,450,000
Outlets: 7; States: 4; Customers: 16,000
Employees: 69; Bobtails: 24; Transports: 5
Storage volume: 420,000 gallons
Officers: Chris Marsh, president & CEO; Lori Finchum, secretary & CFO
Operations managers: Rodney Markham, regional VP; Kristine Mitchel, controller; Larry O’Bryant; managers: Rick Smith, Ben Raby, Kevin Cretsinger, Justin Graham, Grey Wells, Ralph Brooks, Dee Linkeous

Northwest Propane
Location: Carrollton, Texas
Founded: 1946
2023 FY retail gallons: 7,723,170
Outlets: 4; States: 1; Customers: 14,100
Employees: 45; Bobtails: 16; Transports: 6
Storage volume: 524,000 gallons
Officers: J. B. Wood, president; Tim L. Wood, VP; Jerry L. Hatzfeld, secretary treasurer
Operations managers: J. Ben Wood, operations; Andrew Hatzfeld, personnel

Enderby Gas Inc.
dba Bishop Energy
Location: Gainesville, Texas
Founded: 1945
Owner: Jim Bishop
2023 FY retail gallons: 7,521,646
Outlets: 7; States: 2; Customers: 19,500
Employees: 105; Bobtails: 29; Transports: 33
Storage volume: 792,000 gallons
Officers: Jim Bishop, president; Claudia Ledford, secretary
Operations managers: Max Eubanks, manager, supply & distribution; Chad Gregg, GM; branch managers: B.B. Reedy, Sherman & Princeton; Boyd Sanders, Paris

CoEnergy Propane
Location: Redmond, Oregon
Founded: 2001
2023 FY retail gallons: 7,100,000
Outlets: 2; States: 1
Employees: 31; Bobtails: 8; Transports: 1
Storage volume: 210,000 gallons
Officer: Bryan Adams, president & CEO
Operations managers: directors: Kevin Karpstein, field operations; Stormy Stormo, customer service

Logo: dragance137/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Featured homepage photo courtesy of Paraco 

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