Angus Analytics appoints managing partner

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Angus Analytics selected Bob Levins for the role of managing partner, performance analytics.

Headshot: Bob Levins


Levins plays a leading role in the development, sales and delivery of the BRITE business intelligence solution to the retail fuel industry and ADEPT Angus Delivery Efficiency Planning Tools.

In the past 10 years, Levins has been heavily involved with the evolution of BRITE and ADEPT. He has become recognized as an authority on fuel business operations and technology ecosystems, according to the company.

“The knowledge and experience I have gained over the years from dealing with our very successful clients, coupled with Angus’ continuous commitment to delivering leading-edge performance solutions that make a difference, allowed me to give back now what I have learned in a most meaningful and impactful way,” Levins says.

“We are so happy to have Bob expand his role at Angus,” adds Phil Baratz, CEO of Angus Energy. “I used to think that I had learned all that I could from Bob, and then there would just be something else. Having him as a key leader in our analytics group drives benefits throughout the organization and is key in enabling Angus to offer a vast variety of services to our clients.”

For more than 30 years, Angus Partners LLC, DBA Angus Energy, has helped energy marketers by providing solutions for all areas of their business. Angus Performance Advisors LLC, DBA Angus Analytics, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Angus Partners, created to provide energy marketers with tools such as BRITE business intelligence and ADEPT Angus Delivery Efficiency Planning Tools.

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