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Bergquist Inc. will unveil the new Mesura smart meter by the Cavagna Group. Mesura Metering’s LoRa-based smart meters work by embedding LoRa devices to connect the meter to a cloud platform. Propane marketers can then view and analyze all meter data using Cavagna’s service platform or any third-party application connected to the embedded layers of Cavagna’s REST services. This enables marketers to offer a new service with innovative billing models that are advantageous for end users, while at the same time ensuring gas usage and gas levels in propane tanks continue to be monitored.

The company will also display Marshall Excelsior Co.’s Excela-Flo Sentinel and Cavagna’s Kosan+ Guardian residential regulators, the new double-door D3A walk-in dispenser with Corken DL16 pump and interior hose reel, Gaslog remote tank monitors, reinforced thermoplastic pipe, Viega MegaPress fittings and more.

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