Blue Bird to display propane bus options at BusCon 2016

September 19, 2016 By    
Blue Bird will showcase some of its propane bus options at BusCon 2016. Photo courtesy of Blue Bird.

Blue Bird will highlight its offerings at BusCon 2016, including its propane buses. Photo courtesy of Blue Bird.

Blue Bird plans to showcase some of its propane bus offerings at BusCon 2016 this week in Indianapolis.

Both the Blue Bird Vision buses and Micro Bird D-Series MD buses include propane options, and the two types of buses will be on display at the show. The propane option for both bus models come equipped with Roush CleanTech liquid injection systems and Ford 6.8-liter engines. The Blue Bird Vision focuses on transport contractors and rural public transit, while the Micro Bird D-Series MD bus serves the airport, parking, rental car and hotel markets, Blue Bird adds.

The bus manufacturer has increased its sales of propane bus models in recent years, says Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird. Last year, propane bus sales made up about 16 percent of the manufacturer’s sales, he says.

The company also plans to display some of its diesel, compressed natural gas and gasoline commercial bus options at BusCon 2016. A full range of small- and medium-sized buses will be at the company’s booth.

“We’re proud of our 90-year history of building buses to the most stringent safety and quality standards,” Horlock says. “These buses are ready for the most rugged road conditions, with ‘crank every time’ confidence you won’t find anywhere else.”

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