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Experienced marketers understand that brand awareness helps a company both gain and retain customers, but how can you best use the online space to grow brand awareness?

First, it’s important to understand that brand awareness leads customers to associate the needs they have and products they use regularly with your company’s name and image. It is a long-term goal built by many short-term efforts, which is why everything your company shares should be mindfully crafted. What does that look like online?

Create impactful posts. In the digital space, your company’s presence should accomplish more than simply selling your product or service, though that may be an end goal.

Some of the most impactful digital posts include sharing your company’s story or charitable efforts – anything that promotes a personal connection with your online audience.

Maintaining a consistent image and voice within these posts is a small but key piece of building overall brand awareness. Over time, your online audience should consistently associate your company’s name and image with not only the service and products it provides but also the positive actions it takes.

Make it shareable. Sharing posts online that build a deeper awareness of your company will help retain customers and create an opportunity for your customers to do some of your marketing legwork for you.

Social platforms and websites make it easy for users to share content, but your company can reach more people by partnering with organizations to create content. Sometimes, partners may also be able to offer you easier access to different forms of content such as videos and podcasts.

You can also boost the share rate of your company’s social content by offering a special deal or resource in exchange for your audience members sharing with their connections.

Connect with your community. Once your company creates impactful posts, you should expect to receive responses from your audience.

It’s important to interact with those responses, even if it’s only to say a few positive words. Every interaction should be representative of your company.

In addition to interacting through comments, look for ways your company can get involved online, especially through partner organization and digital charity events. We may still face challenges physically getting out into the community to develop customer rapport, but the digital space continues to grow.

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Sarah Peecher was a digital media content producer at LP Gas.

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