Florida charter schools deploy all-propane school bus fleet

November 16, 2016 By    

Kipp Jacksonville Schools, public charter schools in Jacksonville, Florida, deployed an all-propane school bus fleet.

The charter schools purchased 14 Blue Bird Vision propane buses with Roush CleanTech fuel systems. According to Roush CleanTech, this is Kipp Jacksonville Schools’ first school bus fleet, as the charter schools opened in 2010. In addition, Kipp Jacksonville Schools is the first U.S. charter school system to have a fleet run entirely on propane.

“As the size of our campus expanded along with the number of students, it was time to have our own means of transportation,” says Bobby Kennedy, founding transportation manager at Kipp Jacksonville Schools. “We consulted with our Blue Bird dealer, Florida Transportation Systems, on available options, and were impressed by the safe and clean operating properties of propane-fueled buses.”

Kennedy adds that the Ford 6.8-liter V10 engines in the Blue Bird propane buses are responsive in acceleration, providing the confidence to speed up in heavy-traffic areas.

Kipp Jacksonville Schools currently pays about half the cost per gallon for propane compared with the average cost for diesel in the area. According to Roush CleanTech, Kipp Jacksonville Schools plans to continue purchasing only propane-fueled buses.

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