Hybrid LPG Week 2022 draws 2,000 global participants

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About 2,000 attendees from 63 countries participated in this year’s LPG Week, an annual World LPG Association (WLPGA) event offering networking, education and business opportunities to the global LPG industry.

Photo of LPG Week exhibition floor, courtesy of WLPGA

The World LPG Association (WLPGA) holds LPG Week 2022 in New Delhi. (Photo courtesy of WLPGA)

More than 80 speakers led both on-site and online sessions, while over 90 exhibiting companies showcased products, equipment and other solutions for the industry.

Under the theme “Humanizing energy,” the event gathered the global LPG industry in New Delhi. The host country of India drew the most attendees, followed by the U.S., United Arab Emirates, France and Italy.

LPG Week brought together key figures from government, intergovernmental organizations and the industry to reaffirm that LPG can provide solutions to sustainable energy transitions, according to James Rockall, CEO and managing director of the WLPGA.

Rockall greeted delegates, while Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, WLPGA president and chairman of IndianOil Corp., welcomed them to India.

LPG Week leaders explained how the theme “Humanizing energy” prioritizes human development by fueling the needs of people. Speakers echoed the role of LPG in improving the quality of life for customers in both developed and developing markets.

The WLPGA’s launch of a three-year plan titled “Solutions for sustainable energy transitions” supports the idea that LPG can solve many of the world’s energy challenges.

But communication is integral to LPG’s future. The LPG sector remains largely unknown to key policymakers and influencers, participants noted, and the industry must be more effective at communicating its message and needs.

Sessions focused on safety, supply and demand, and autogas, among other topics. LPG Week also revealed LPG’s growth in the marine market as well as a need to attract young employees to the industry. An inaugural Youth Conclave featured a discussion about the workforce.

Innovation and technology were front and center during LPG Week. Oberon Fuels, based in California, received honors for its advancement of renewables. Anova, a tank monitoring company headquartered in New Jersey, gained accolades for its solutions around operations and distribution.

WLPGA plans to host the 2023 LPG Week, together with the European Liquid Gas Congress, Nov. 13-17 in Rome.

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