Identify company’s core values, share them with employees

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Every company has a set of core values or foundational beliefs that guide it. These values are established by the owner and serve as guardrails for performance.

Ken Albrecht

Ken Albrecht

It is important that you let your people know what your core values are. If you aren’t sure what they are, meet with your team and write them down. We can’t assume that they know them just by observation. Then, before you meet again as a team, ask someone to select one of the core values and explain where they saw it demonstrated in the company. For example, if “getting it right the first time” is one of your core values, they could mention how your service tech rarely gets a callback to repair something a second time. This will accomplish two things. It will remind everyone on your team what your values are and it will give an opportunity to those in your organization to show respect for others who are getting it right.

Every company has core values whether they realize it or not. And, if you establish what those values are and reinforce them each week, you will find that your team is operating on a set of principles that you value the most.

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