In the Know: Assessing propane’s contribution to energy security

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In the Know is a monthly partnership between LP Gas and Propane Resources. This month, marketing expert Tony Botts discusses how to position propane as an energy of the future.

Q Given the recent energy crisis in Texas, what role does/should propane play in energy security for our communities?

A We know just how important propane is to the customers and the areas retail propane companies currently serve.

Our clean-burning, versatile fuel helps millions of people heat their homes and water, cook their food, dry their clothes and much more.

Even during the coldest stretch of temperatures parts of the U.S. had ever seen, propane showcased its strength and reliability.

It should not be understated that what took place across the U.S. in February will impact our propane industry for many years to come. While many misinformed individuals continue to pound the table for sweeping electrification of our country, it will likely be propane to which many consumers turn for relief and protection.

It doesn’t just end with home users, though. The dangerously low temperatures that blanketed so many areas stressed public utility systems beyond their capabilities. A number of public utilities found themselves scrambling for propane to fill storage facilities to provide backup power generation. Unfortunately, many were too late and were left in embarrassing and life-threatening binds.

We know natural gas will continue to maintain a stronghold in this area, but we could very well see more cities and public utilities diversify their choices of backup fuel and look to expand their emergency protocols to better utilize propane.

Despite the facts and science behind propane’s abilities and performance, we face incredible pressure from the electrification narratives and falsehoods. We cannot afford to remain silent. Our industry and our members must be vocal about the benefits of propane and the consequences of abandoning a reliable energy source such as propane.

In the coming months and years, propane retailers should seek opportunities to engage with our customer bases about propane home heating systems and water heaters.

Additionally, standby or backup generator systems should be top of mind for many after this past winter and the past few hurricane seasons.

I think Tucker Perkins, president and CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council, and many other industry leaders have said it best: The world can’t simply rely on a single energy source but requires a balanced combination of energy sources.

Propane makes the most sense for millions of energy consumers across the country and even the entire globe. Our technology will continue to advance, and our infrastructure will expand. Our industry message must, too.

We provide clean, efficient and cost-effective energy – the kind of energy that communities can be built around, from heating homes to transporting our children to and from school.

For these reasons, propane will continue to play a significant role in our lives.

Tony Botts is a marketing specialist at Propane Resources. Contact him at or 913-262-8345.

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