In The Know: How propane retailers can impact local government

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Q: What can retailers do to fight legislation on a local level that negatively impacts their business operations?

A: The top three things you can do are: 1) be involved; 2) be involved and 3) be involved. Know what is happening in your community. Attend city council meetings in your service territory so you’ll know city, township and county plans. Items discussed or proposed could impact your business.

Join your state association. Let association members know about concerns regarding what’s happening in your area. They cannot be at every county or city meeting. You are their eyes and ears. Offer suggestions and ideas. Volunteer to help, should they need assistance.

Know the people with the power to impact your business. Many state associations go to the state capitol and meet with the legislature to discuss issues. State representatives and senators hold a lot of weight, so make sure you are voting for people who are favorable to your business. Encourage your employees to vote; inform them how certain politicians affect the business and their jobs.

Educate the community and state powers on the benefits and safety of propane. Emphasize the importance of regulations keeping propane companies and their customers safe. Retailers need to advocate the safety and benefits of propane. Work with local fire and police departments so they know what to do in case of an emergency.

Be involved, raise awareness and join forces. One voice seldom gets heard, but if all retailers work together on key issues and have a unified voice, the chances of being heard and action being taken greatly increase.

Cooper Wilburn is a consultant at Propane Resources.

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