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LP Gas timeline (1970-79): Under control

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LP Gas is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2021. To commemorate the milestone, LP Gas editors have combed through magazine archives from the past eight decades to create a timeline marking the industry’s history through our own pages. Here we present the 1970s. You can also access these decades: 1940s1950s1960s1980s, 1990s, 2000-09 and 2010-present.

Propane inventory chart

Ensuring an adequate supply of propane for traditional customers was at issue in the 1970s.

Energy crisis (1973)

Amid LP gas shortages, as well as fuel allocations and price controls imposed by the government, the NLPGA issues an energy crisis bulletin to all members. Activity is directed at persuading the government to take action that would stimulate a greater flow of propane.

D.C. presence (1973)

The Chicago-based NLPGA establishes a full-time office in Washington, D.C., to maintain a closer liaison with Congress and governmental agencies. Art Kreutzer heads the office.

Face of the magazine (1974)

Zane Chastain, a veteran newsman and advertising sales representative, joins LP-Gas as managing editor. The native of Jackson, Alabama, goes on to become publisher and, after his career, an LP Gas Hall of Famer.

New LPG regulations (1975)

The Federal Energy Administration announces a series of new pricing procedures and allocation regulations governing LP gas. Most in the industry applaud the rulings as a step toward providing domestic customers with an adequate supply of fuel and encouraging greater production of LP gas.

Taking a position (1976)

The NLPGA adopts an official position paper regarding mandatory petroleum allocation controls on LP gas. The controls should be removed and allocation regulations limited to protection of the supply of historical consumers, the association states.

Propane tanks photo

The government implemented price and allocation controls in the early 1970s amid soaring prices and supply constraints related to the 1973 oil embargo.

Relentless opposition (1978)

The NLPGA releases a 28-page white paper calling for propane price decontrol and the simplification of allocation rules. It’s designed to help convince federal regulatory and legislative officials that propane price decontrol would be in the best interest of consumers and the industry.

NGL complex expands (1978)

Warren Petroleum Co. unveils the largest natural gas liquids complex in the U.S. The newly expanded facilities include an unloading terminal on the Houston Ship Channel, additional processing and enlarged underground storage facilities at Mont Belvieu, and a new 24-mile pipeline connecting the two.

Closer to deregulation (1979)

The Economic Regulatory Administration of the Department of Energy asks for public comments regarding whether it should begin steps to deregulate propane, which has been subject to price and allocation controls since the 1973-74 oil embargo. It later recommends the decontrol of propane.

Art Kreutzer photo


NLPGA leader retires (1979)

Kreutzer, executive vice president and general counsel for the NLPGA, retires after 33 years of service to the association. NLPGA appoints Dan Myers vice president of government relations and general counsel. He joined the association in 1977.

Featured image credits: Cover 1: Robertshaw Thermostat Co.; Cover 2: Impco Carburetion; Cover 4: Photos courtesy of LP Gas Hall of Fame inductees and their families, and background photo by Bias; Cover 5: LP Gas staff; USGirl/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images; balipadma/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images; spawns/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images; Logo/background: Olha Huro/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Social media image credits: Cover 1: Robertshaw Thermostat Co.; Cover 3: Impco Carburetion; Cover 5: Photos courtesy of LP Gas Hall of Fame inductees and their families, and background photo by Bias; Cover 6: LP Gas staff; USGirl/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images; balipadma/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images; spawns/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images; Logo/background: Olha Huro/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

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