McAdams Propane builds bobtail to support Bergquist employee fighting ALS

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ALS bobtail photo courtesy of Shawn Hodges Photography

“My greatest hope is that the bobtail will help bring awareness to the disease so that more people will be more willing to help determine its cause,” says Mike Vigliotti of Bergquist Inc., center, in black shirt. (Photo: Shawn Hodges Photography)

In December 2023, Mike Vigliotti approached McAdams Propane with a unique idea – to create a themed bobtail that would raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Mike Vigliotti


An employee of wholesale propane equipment distributor Bergquist since 2015, Vigliotti has developed working relationships and friendships with McAdams Propane employees. In fact, his dedication to propane retailers like McAdams Propane has remained fully intact since his ALS diagnosis in 2020.

Thanks to Vigliotti’s ties with the company, his idea was a no-brainer for co-owner Josh McAdams, who immediately began the process of developing an ALS Association-themed bobtail.

“We happened to be making plans to build a new bobtail for 2024 when Mike approached us, so the timing was perfect,” McAdams says. “It was a great opportunity, as Mike has been a great resource and friend to McAdams Propane over the years.”

McAdams and Vigliotti are optimistic about the impact the bobtail will have on ALS, a progressive and fatal neuromuscular disease that steadily minimizes patients’ abilities to walk, speak, swallow and breathe.

“ALS is a terrible disease, and it seems to become more prevalent every year. However, many folks don’t know about it at all,” McAdams says. “Our goal is to increase awareness and become a part of the solution, hopefully through donations on each delivery that the bobtail provides.”

On the road since late February, the bobtail is a 2024 M2 Freightliner with a refurbished 2,800-gallon tank, LCR-II meter and Meeder Ransome bed. Fully assembled in McAdams Propane’s fabrication shop, the bobtail features the ALS Association’s logo and website, along with a QR code. With a recognizable red background, the bobtail is designed to catch customers’ attention, which is critical for ALS patients like Vigliotti.

“My greatest hope is that the bobtail will help bring awareness to the disease so that more people will be more willing to help determine its cause,” Vigliotti says. “More funding will then be raised for further research that’s desperately needed.”

Vigliotti also hopes other propane retailers will follow suit with McAdams Propane.

“Perhaps they’ll have bobtails, too, leading to awareness all across the United States,” he adds.

While remaining hopeful for a cure, Vigliotti focuses on the present, including his position as Bergquist’s telemetry sales director. As a sign of its loyalty to employees, Bergquist has adapted to Vigliotti’s condition and ever-changing circumstances.

For example, the distributor recently funded an eye-tracking device, which enables Vigliotti to use his eyes to power his computer mouse. In turn, he has maintained his independence while also receiving the support he needs to continue to work for an industry that’s been loyal to him.

“Propane industry peers from across the country have been very supportive,” he says. “I feel extremely blessed to work for such a great company and have such incredible support from the amazing propane industry I have the privilege to serve.”

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