October 2022: Propane autogas fleets

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Each month, LP Gas provides updates on the U.S. propane market, as well as the latest trends. The data for October 2022 is from Gray, Gray & Gray’s 2022 propane industry survey.

Stock information for Ferrellgas and Suburban Propane is also provided.


Source: Gray, Gray & Gray 2022 propane industry survey

Source: Gray, Gray & Gray 2022 propane industry survey


Thirty-six percent of respondents to Gray, Gray & Gray’s 2022 propane industry survey say their propane companies operate propane autogas vehicles. Regionally, the South reports the highest percentage of autogas users.

Marty Kirshner, partner in Gray, Gray & Gray’s Energy Practice Group, says those companies that haven’t adopted autogas should do so to qualify for the alternative fuel tax credit:

“Why keep fueling on diesel when you can fill with propane and get a significant credit from the government?” he asks.

The alternative fuel tax credit was extended retroactive for 2022 and through 2024.


Company 12-month chart
(as of September ’22)
Price (9/21/22) Current Yield 52-Week Low 52-Week High YTD Price
Ferrellgas – FGPR Ferrellgas - FGPR $10.84 N/A 10.62 25.34 (26.2%)
Suburban Propane – SPH Suburban Propane – SPH 16.49 7.9% 13.83 17.75 12.6%

Source: Company data, FactSet and Wells Fargo Securities LLC (SPH); Yahoo Finance (FGPR)

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