PERC director encouraging marketers to join home builders associations

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Bridget Scanlon, the Propane Education & Research Council’s (PERC) director of residential and commercial programs, has some advice for propane marketers: consider becoming an active member in a home builders association as a way to broaden your network of potential clients and increase your company’s visibility.

“Inevitably, a gap will emerge for you to demonstrate the value of propane as a more suitable alternative to other energy sources,” says Scanlon, who joined PERC this summer after serving as executive vice president of the Home Builders Association of Bucks/Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. “Once you establish a network of members, your ability to generate opportunities and leads will quickly provide a return on your investment.”

Scanlon also stresses the point that, unlike some members of a home builders association, propane marketers are not limited to securing only builders as clients.

“You have potential clients in every member that owns a business, a home or a lawn mower,” says Scanlon, who discussed home builders associations as an opportunity in an interview with PERC’s Burney Simpson.

Ways propane marketers can specifically get involved with an association are to join a committee, attend an event, host a training program or secure a sponsorship. Scanlon recommends marketers maintain at least a two-year membership with an association, allowing them enough time to attend events, determine the best committees to join and secure opportunities to train builders.

“Call your local [home builders association] to learn their process for becoming a member,” she says. “That usually involves some application, membership fee and a sponsor. Most [home builders associations] will allow non-members to participate in an event or attend a committee meeting prior to joining. While you may see value in testing the water, don’t make a decision on one experience alone. Speak with the leadership about opportunities for active participation.

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