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When a presentation by Polar Power Inc. CEO Arthur Sams won the 2023 Innovation Award at the Global Technology Conference during LPG Week 2023 in Rome, discussion topics emerged within the power generation sector.

Polar Power, a California-based global provider of prime, backup and solar hybrid power solutions, had presented opportunities for immediate and large-scale distribution of LPG and natural gas along with value-added services. Discussion topics included barriers and solutions for market entry; the correct technologies required for success and the causes behind failed applications; and the concept of combining LPG/natural gas with solar to generate low cost and sustainable electrical power.

The discussion also centered on market barriers to LPG as a preferred fuel over diesel. This included a lack of market awareness and participation by the LPG industry and customer concerns over LPG availability.

Technology discussions included the advantages of LPG over diesel; a comparison of DC generators and AC generators; a comparison of prime power generators and backup generators; and optimum hybrid systems incorporating solar and LPG/natural gas.

LPG producers and distributors have focused their marketing efforts on applications relating to cooking, heating, transportation fuel and backup generators for home and office. Overlooked, Polar Power says, is the market opportunity for generating prime power using generators less than 50 kW for telecommunications, nano grids, bad grids and EV charging – all applications dominated by diesel.

“As a result of our participation at this event, we can now introduce our customers to reliable and lower-cost sources of fuel,” Sams says in a statement about the LPG Week honor. “Our technology-driven products are suited to run on diesel or LPG/natural gas, and we share an exciting vision of proliferation of clean fuels throughout our served markets with the world’s leading telecom, power and other industrial service providers. This technology platform gives us a competitive advantage as one of the first movers in this emerging market for 50 kW DC clean fuel prime power systems.”

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