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Propane Personality: Casandra Russo

July 26, 2023 By    
Casandra Russo


Casandra Russo

Manager of Government and Industry Affairs, AmeriGas


Capella University
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Projected Graduation Year: 2025


February 2011-Present
⦁ Manager of Government and Industry Affairs (2021-Present)
⦁ Area Manager (2020-21)
⦁ Area Director (2017-20)
⦁ Assistant Area Director (2016-17)
⦁ Area Sales Manager (2011-16)

April 2005-February 2011
Pacific Dental Services
⦁ Operations Manager

Daily tasks

As the manager of government and industry affairs, Russo identifies, analyzes and discusses legislative and regulatory matters, along with trends and emerging issues that may potentially impact AmeriGas’ business divisions. At the same time, she fosters relationships with state and national industry associations, attorneys general and authorities having jurisdiction.

Supporting industry organizations

In addition to her involvement with the Propane Education & Research Council’s (PERC) Leadership in Energy Ambassador Program, Russo is a member of its industry engagement working group. A current board member and vice chair of the Western Propane Gas Association, she’s also served as vice chair of the Women in Propane Council’s Programs and Events Committee, part of the National Propane Gas Association. She’s presently a board member and mentor for AmeriGas’ Women’s Impact Network.

Casandra Russo has served AmeriGas for more than 12 years. (Photo courtesy of Casandra Russo)

Casandra Russo has served AmeriGas for more than 12 years. (Photo courtesy of Casandra Russo)

Communication is key

“Currently, gas bans in local and state municipalities are gaining the most attention. Of equal importance, during peak heating season, I’m in constant communication with states’ and counties’ offices of emergency services, governors, attorneys general and industry partners. During these conversations, I’m primarily focused on supply needs, hours-of-service waivers, state of emergency declarations and partnering on consumer outreach for safety, along with the continuity of services.”

PERC’s Leadership in Energy Ambassador Program

“It has been a great experience to join like-minded professionals who are passionate about what they do and share ideas about how we can grow the propane industry in a changing environment. I want to use my experience to take something that can be complicated or intimidating, like energy distribution, and make it less scary, helping those that don’t understand what we do and deliver a clear, positive message.

Casandra Russo stays busy with her husband, Scott, and two daughters, Gianna and Abrielle. (Photo courtesy of Casandra Russo)

Casandra Russo stays busy with her husband, Scott, and two daughters, Gianna and Abrielle. (Photo courtesy of Casandra Russo)

“A discussion about low-carbon fuels, electrification and energy regulation doesn’t have to be divisive, boring or adversarial. I enjoy those moments where I can sit with someone who may have no clue what propane is or who may challenge propane’s role as a viable, future fuel. My goal is to share information they hadn’t considered, leading them to find out more about how we can benefit their community or constituents. That’s the best.”

Communicating with government officials

“Whenever you communicate with government officials, you should be concise, flexible, nice, prepared and on time. If you can share personal stories that tie to the issue you’re discussing, they’ll definitely have an impact and will be remembered. Try and give them something they can share on the floor that will touch hearts and minds, in order to move our industry’s story forward.”


“I enjoy boating with my husband, Scott, and two daughters, Gianna (14 years old) and Abrielle (10 years old), during the summer. Also, since I rarely sit still, I love to listen to podcasts about anything from leadership to comedic interviews, to true crime, all while gardening, walking our dog, going for a run or just running errands. My girls keep me very busy, so lately my hobby is chauffeuring them from one activity to another!”

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