Rutherford Equipment expands, moves headquarters

July 21, 2015 By    
Rutherford Equipment expands, moves to new facility

Rutherford Equipment’s Covington, Ga., headquarters Photo: Rutherford Equipment

Rutherford Equipment moved its headquarters from Conyers, Ga., to Covington, Ga., to help with business expansion.

Mike Rutherford, vice president of sales and marketing, says the company began selling high-end grills and fireplaces about 10 years ago. He says that segment of the business grew in recent years.

“Because of the growth in that segment, those products take up a lot more space than traditional propane equipment,” Rutherford says. “We realized we needed a better space. In Conyers, we felt kind of handcuffed and like we couldn’t take on any new products if we wanted to because of that growth.”

While the Covington location is about the same size as the Conyers location, Rutherford says the new warehouse has a little more height to make stocking easier. The company also plans to hire a new marketing and purchasing employee to help with company growth at the new location.

In addition to growth in the company’s high-end grill and fireplace segment, Rutherford says the traditional propane equipment has grown.

“In the last couple years when the economy rebounded, the housing market has been better,” Rutherford says. “Because of that, propane equipment popularity has increased, as well.”

Rutherford Equipment plans to host an open house for customers at that location sometime this year.

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