Safety minute: Read and follow the instructions for propane equipment

March 21, 2024 By    

Almost every product we touch comes with instructions from the manufacturer. Whether it’s as simple as a stapler or as complex as a propane appliance with electronic controls, the manufacturer provides detailed instructions on the assembly, installation, operation and maintenance of the product.

When propane equipment is involved, it is especially important that technicians read and follow manufacturer instructions carefully when installing and repairing equipment. Be prepared to explain the safe and efficient operation to the customer, and emphasize all manufacturer-specific safety warnings. Leave the instruction manual with the customer, encouraging them to read the contents, file it for future reference and call you with questions.

Be aware that even if a product looks to be the same as the last one you worked with, the manufacturer may have made changes in the product that you cannot readily recognize. There may have been updates to installation and operation instructions and consumer warnings. Read and reread the manufacturer’s instructions every time.

Manufacturers expect installers and consumers to follow the instructions provided. Failure to follow these can result in property damage, injury, voided warranty and an unhappy customer.

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