Study explores autogas as a transportation fuel in Pennsylvania

July 8, 2015 By    

Ben Franklin’s Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center (SGICC) released a study titled “Opportunities to Use Natural Gas and Propane as a Transportation Fuel in Pennsylvania.” The study serves as an educational tool for anyone who wants to convert to CNG, LNG or propane vehicles or install a fueling station for natural gas-powered vehicles.

“We’ve been closely following the acceptance and conversion to the use of natural gas or propane in the United States’ transportation market – especially in our region over the last few years,” says Bill Hall, SGICC director. “There are many options available, which can create confusion and uncertainty. But there are niche opportunities that definitely make economic sense for companies to switch to using natural gas or propane to power their vehicles, even with the relatively low price of gasoline and diesel.”

According to the study, natural gas and propane are gaining a foothold as alternative fuel sources for Pennsylvania’s transportation sector. Transit agencies and other large fleets have been converting from gasoline to natural gas or propane across the state because of cost and environmental benefits. The study reports natural gas and propane opportunities also exist for small fleets and individual vehicles such as mid-size delivery vans and trucks, taxis and high-mileage commercial vehicles in Pennsylvania. The study is available to download on the SGICC website.


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