Taking a look from an applicant’s perspective

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The City Bin Co. is a successful trash collection business in Ireland. In his blog, Verne Harnish, founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, reported on how the company is creatively filling its job openings.

Attracting new employees for the dirty and physically demanding jobs was a challenge for The City Bin until they asked this question in a newspaper ad: “Would you like to be paid for your daily workout?”

The hiring effort was aimed at unemployed young men who were looking for a way to keep fit. The trash collector’s ad featured a photo of Gary Manogue, who was training for a world kickboxing title and also working for the company. Manogue took the job partly because he needed to train as many hours a day as he could. His workout routine was already intense – he ran about five miles each morning and was at the gym every night.

“Running after bins keeps me pretty fit too,” Manogue says.

By intentionally looking at its job openings from the applicant’s perspective, the company discovered a clever way to attract more “A” players to its workforce.

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