Targa reports minimal damage from Harvey

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Targa Resources Corp. reported minimal damage to its facilities from Tropical Storm Harvey, though the storm has impacted Targa’s facilities in Mont Belvieu, Texas.

According to the company, disruptions to its operations are expected to be limited and normal operations will resume shortly after the flood waters recede. Despite this, Targa’s Cedar Bayou Fractionator, located in Mont Belvieu, has been temporarily taken out of service due to flooding that disrupted the operation of freshwater supply pumps.

In addition, disruptions in the brine disposal operations at Targa’s Mont Belvieu terminal have also negatively impacted the facility’s capacity for receiving raw products due to flooding of brine disposal pumps.

Targa’s Galena Park Marine terminal is also out of service, as the Houston Ship Channel has been closed to marine traffic since Aug. 25. According to the company, resumption of operations at Galena Park is dependent on the Coast Guard reopening the Houston Ship Channel and inspection of the pipelines between Mont Belvieu and Galena Park.

The company’s southern Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast assets are all operational and undamaged.

“I am so proud of the Targa team’s preparedness and execution in the face of an absolutely unprecedented and devastating natural event,” says Joe Bob Perkins, CEO of Targa Resources. “Our primary concern is for the safety and well-being of our employees, their families and their communities, and watching everyone in the Targa family rally together is inspiring. None of our assets have sustained any material damage at this point. The disruption to Targa operations at Mont Belvieu will hopefully be a very short term event, and we are working to be in position to ramp operations back up quickly.”

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