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Industry members are turning to the internet for both information and connection. Photo:

The digital space – whether it be websites or social media – has proven that it is here to stay and is vital to our day-to-day work. From my perspective as LP Gas’ new digital media content producer, I see industry members turn to the internet for both information and connection.

Before I jump into my advice on the digital space, allow me to introduce myself. I graduated in 2019 from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and joined the LP Gas team in January of this year. As digital media content producer, I manage the magazine’s website, send e-newsletters, write feature stories and maintain LP Gas’ social media presence.

My predecessor, Allison Barwacz, continues to provide support for our brand. As I take over, I plan to share insights on digital technology and how companies and marketers can use it effectively.

According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted early in 2019, 81 percent of Americans say they go online on a daily basis.

And as many companies work remotely or maintain social distancing practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are increasingly turning to the internet for information and connection. According to The New York Times, Facebook saw a 27 percent increase in average daily traffic in the United States from Jan. 21 to March 24, during the initial outbreak.

So, as online traffic increases, what responsibilities should propane marketers keep in mind?

First of all, use digital tools to connect with your audience and maintain trust. Many already turn to online platforms for connection, and these platforms provide one of the few ways to interact safely during the pandemic.

Now is the time to share how your business is supporting customers and the broader community. Social media is an especially good place to identify and engage with customers and organizations in need, and to share your charitable efforts.

Secondly, this is a time to provide answers to questions your audience might ask. For example, customers may have concerns about whether they will continue to receive deliveries or how they should interact with delivery drivers while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Keep your website updated with your company’s policy or plan during this time, and anticipate your audience’s informational needs to determine what you post online.

These two responsibilities – connecting with and informing your audience – should guide how your company conducts itself online, now and in the future.

Sarah Peecher is the digital media content producer for LP Gas. She can be reached at

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Sarah Peecher was a digital media content producer at LP Gas.

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