Green’s Blue Flame Gas converts entire fleet to propane autogas

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Green’s Blue Flame Gas of Houston is leading by example. In October 2019, the propane retailer finished converting the last of its service and delivery vehicle fleet to propane autogas.

Photo courtesy of Alliance AutoGas and Green’s Blue Flame Gas

Photo courtesy of Alliance AutoGas and Green’s Blue Flame Gas

“Having a fleet where we run everything on propane shows we fully believe in propane as a fleet fuel,” says Brian Green, business development manager. “By having 100 percent of our fleet run on autogas, it shows our customers how invested we are in propane.”

Bill Green established Green’s Blue Flame Gas in 1967. Over the years, the family-owned operation has prioritized the use of propane autogas in its fleet.

“The technology has changed significantly over the years, but the constant for our company has been the mentality of doing what is necessary to convert our vehicles and keep them running on propane,” says Brian Green.

In 2010, Green’s Blue Flame Gas became one of the first partners of Alliance AutoGas (AAG), a nationwide autogas fueling and vehicle network founded by Blossman Gas.

Joe Green, president of Green’s Blue Flame Gas, says he met Randy Doyle, the former CFO of Blossman Gas, in 2009 through the National Propane Gas Association’s Benchmarking Council. After speaking with Doyle and Stuart Weidie, president of AAG and Blossman Gas, Joe Green found they had common interests.

“We wanted to run everything we could on propane and make propane more accessible to our customers, and I knew AAG could contribute to that goal,” says Joe Green.

Making the switch

This past year, Green’s Blue Flame Gas was able to secure about $65,000 through the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) to convert its fleet to propane autogas. The TERP program provides financial incentives to eligible individuals, businesses or local governments to reduce emissions from polluting vehicles and equipment.

“Our state is fortunate to have a program like TERP, which provides incentives to fleets who want to utilize a clean-burning fuel such as propane,” says Brian Green.

Green’s Blue Flame Gas has 18 total vehicles in its service and delivery fleet, ranging from bobtail trucks to light-duty service trucks. Fuel savings add up quickly. The company currently saves 60 percent by using propane instead of diesel in its bobtail trucks and 50 percent by using propane in its light-duty vehicles.

Green’s Blue Flame Gas has also registered savings on overall vehicle maintenance. For example, regulations require diesel-powered vehicles to use diesel emissions fluid (DEF) for daily operation to help reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxide. Propane autogas burns clean and does not require additional fluids like DEF, which eliminates the expense entirely.

Having the right personnel to perform maintenance on the fleet has contributed to the company’s successful conversion to autogas. Brian Green gives credit to Shawn Hicks, service manager, who has been with Green’s Blue Flame Gas for almost 40 years.

“Having someone in-house that has the ability to diagnose and repair anything propane-related has been key in enabling the company to achieve a 100 percent propane fleet, not including our propane transport,” says Brian Green.

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