LinkedIn optimization for propane marketers

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Post job opportunities or reach out directly to potential candidates on LinkedIn. Photo: Khuankaew

LinkedIn has a reputation for being a more “business oriented” social media platform than others, and there’s good reason as to why. The platform, which hosts 675 million users in more than 200 countries and regions, allows business professionals to connect, recruit hires, provide insights and news, and share opportunities. It’s simple and free to create a business profile, but where do you go from there? How do you build a following and make new connections? Here’s how propane retailers can use LinkedIn to their benefit.

1. Share company updates and industry insights. LinkedIn is the ideal platform for sharing business news. Whether your company has reached a milestone or hired a new employee, this is the place to share that news. Don’t hold back, either. Tag employees and other companies that are mentioned in your posts: This could help spread your reach.

2. Find and reach out to potential employees. It’s no secret that college grads – and even industry veterans – use LinkedIn when searching for job opportunities. In fact, 87 million users on the platform are millennials, LinkedIn reports. Use LinkedIn to post job opportunities or even to reach out directly to potential candidates. You’ll have to communicate via your personal LinkedIn account because that capability isn’t offered via business accounts. Regardless, a personalized message from you could help spark a business relationship.

3. Invite people to follow your page. LinkedIn recently resurrected a feature that allows a business page’s administrators to invite people to follow that respective page. You can use this tool to invite some of your colleagues to follow your business’ page, thus granting them access to your company’s posts in their news feeds. Plus, an invitation from you or your co-workers might make a colleague feel more inclined to follow your page.

4. Encourage conversation. Use LinkedIn to ignite conversation with other members of the propane industry. Pose business questions, ask for suggestions or even comment on another individual’s or business’ page. While offering insights is critical, it’s also important to learn what you can from other industry members and business professionals.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to easily connect and engage with other industry professionals. Don’t let this tool sit by the wayside – consider how it can work for your business, and implement a strategy.

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Allison Kral was a senior digital media manager at LP Gas magazine.

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