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Being your business partner

Propane Resources is a full-service consulting firm for the propane industry, and then some. The company’s main services focus around supply and risk management, business valuations and sales, operational consulting and marketing communications.

Propane Resources' team of propane professionals
Propane Resources’ team of propane professionals

The goal of the company, however, is more than outstanding consulting: it’s to serve as a home office for independent retailers. Propane Resources provides many services (and a few products) designed to give independent companies all the tools they need to compete in today’s marketplace. We know how to build value in retail propane companies.

Propane Resources is a team of 25 professionals headquartered in the Kansas City area, with field offices in Alabama, Ohio and Canada.

Wholesale Supply Management

Propane Resources’ supply professionals aren’t just focused on selling loads of gas, they’re focused on protecting and enhancing retailers’ gross margins. With a mix of logistics, transportation, market pricing information (such as and risk management services, we help retailers protect their profits.

“Retailers need a certain margin to have a successful business. We make sure that number is protected and guaranteed throughout the year,” said Marty Lerum, head of the supply team. “Then, if we can position retailers to enhance margins on top of that, it’s a wonderful thing.”

Business Valuations and Sales

Propane Resources offers fair market valuations tailored to a retailer’s particular situation. Sometimes companies are valued because they’re looking to sell, but often it’s for succession planning, a transaction between partners or a tool to look at improving the company’s perform- ance for the future. We have performed more than 300 valuations.

“A valuation can be a roadmap that shows retailers how to become a more valuable company,” business consultant Tamera Kovacs said. “It can also be a financial planning tool, or a necessary piece to changing the legal structure of the business.”

You can also turn to Propane Resources when it’s time to sell. Our experienced sellers position businesses, visit with buyers and work to get the best offer. You’ll have someone on your side when it comes to evaluating offers and closing the deal. “In our experience, there can be hundreds of thousands of dollars’ difference between high and low offers,” said Kovacs.

Everything else you need (except the kitchen sink)

You will also find marketing and advertising help at Propane Resources. Our team of professionals provide marketing services to retailers, including complete design and production of direct mail and collateral materials, assistance with media decisions and development of marketing plans.

Propane Resources also has consultants who know the retail business inside and out and offer operational reviews to help a company improve the way it does business. It’s often through increased efficiencies that we can help retailers find increased profitability. We also offer training on supply and risk management, bobtail efficiencies and customer service.

Our ultimate goal? To provide services that build value in retail companies!

Visit our website at to find out more about Propane Resources’ complete range of services, or call us with your individual needs if you don’t find a service listed. We can help with that, too.

Propane Resources

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