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Risks, requirements of temporary heat locations

By  - Posted on 12 May 2022 in Blue Flame Blog & Current Issue & From the Magazine.

Temporary heat installations, like at construction sites or festivals, are governed by their own code provisions and carry some unique risks. Read more»

A team approach keeps propane plants safe and secure

By  - Posted on 10 May 2022 in Current Issue & Featured & From the Magazine.

A collaborative approach that views safety as an integral part of all activities ensures the safety and security of propane bulk plants. Read more»

Two propane marketers boost business with underground tanks

By  - Posted on 12 Apr 2022 in Current Issue & Featured & From the Magazine.

Weather, topography and soil type are among the factors propane marketers assess when planning what tank placements are advantageous for their businesses. Read more»

LPG Spotlight: Key Cooperative

By  - Posted on 01 Mar 2022 in Current Issue & Featured & From the Magazine.

Key Cooperative, a farm cooperative based in Iowa, improves its efficiency by using polyamide piping for its grain-drying needs. Read more»

Forum brings industry together to talk propane, policy

By  - Posted on 09 Jul 2021 in Current Issue & Featured & From the Magazine.

Policies and politics dominated much of the discussion during NPGA’s first in-person event since its winter board of directors meeting in February 2020. Read more»

Stay compliant with cathodic testing

By  - Posted on 20 May 2021 in Blue Flame Blog & Current Issue.

Due diligence will help set up drivers and service technicians for success in the field when performing cathodic testing. Read more»

Propane fuels drying process for hemp

By  - Posted on 08 Feb 2021 in Current Issue & Featured & From the Magazine.

Growing hemp requires a drying process that can be served by portable propane-fueled heaters or propane-fueled greenhouses. Read more»

Shovel Barrier protects underground gas lines

By  - Posted on 02 Dec 2020 in New Products.

The Shovel Barrier adds a shield to underground polyethylene gas lines to help prevent leaks caused by someone excavating in the proximity of a gas line. Read more»

Review safety protocols with employees

By  - Posted on 31 Aug 2020 in Current Issue & Featured.

Employee training and ongoing improvement are critical safety priorities. Use this guide to review some of your safety protocols with employees. Read more»

Cannabis concentrates a growing market that needs propane professionals

By  - Posted on 03 Aug 2020 in Current Issue & Featured.

Propane professionals are uniquely qualified to educate the cannabis industry on how to use propane safely during the extraction process. Read more»