PERC data, research program features reports, support and updates

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The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) met virtually in February and approved the following funding requests:

  • $525,700 for the 2023 market data and research program, which supports the core data and market research activities, including the production of the 2022 propane sales report, 2023 propane forecast model update, 2023 state profiles update and the infrastructure and support to maintain current commitments of the program.
  • $150,000 for a project that explores the conversion of methane to renewable propane via plasma-enhanced catalysts. The PERC Executive Committee had approved the funding, which is part of a $1 million umbrella docket from 2020 that allows the council to investigate renewable propane and LPG technologies.
  • $118,100 for a 2023 Illinois PERC intern rebate program, which establishes a financial partnership for propane marketers to hire high school- and college-aged students as interns for the summer.
  • $100,000 for the Kentucky PERC’s 2023 Propane Energy Mix Campaign, which is intended to educate consumers, key decision-makers and the media about the importance of propane as an environmentally friendly energy source. According to the docket, marketers will be encouraged to leverage the campaign in their markets through participation in events, homebuilder meetings, and media and consumer awareness opportunities.
  • $90,000 (change order) to allow five additional schools into the Technical School Grant Program and build regulator boards for 25 schools accepted after a first change order. The program offers $10,000 to technical schools and community colleges that are looking to expand their classroom lab and curriculum to include a propane-specific program.

PERC will meet April 26 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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