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LPG-iS54900282_airplaneMany of us know the frustration of having to wait on an airplane when flight operations are delayed.

However, something unusual happened on a flight out of Chicago when the aircraft was held at the gate for an extended period. Knowing the frustration of the passengers, the pilot went back into the terminal and purchased 50 hamburgers and fries at a fast-food restaurant and had them distributed to everyone on the plane. He later refused to be reimbursed by the airline for his expenses.

The pilot knew how to serve his customers. He was aware of their frustration (customers’ pain) and he came up with a creative way to meet their needs.

Whenever businesspeople are asked how they differ from their competition, we usually respond, “We have good service.” Really?

Unless we understand a customer’s pain and create solutions to solve that pain, our service is mediocre at best. Always watch for creative ways to solve your customers’ problems. It will serve them right.

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