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Your website is one of the key tools to market your company and educate consumers. Photo by Allison Barwacz

Corbett, left, and Stein presenting at a Propane Expo education session. Photo by Allison Barwacz

People can become so attached to their phones that the fear of being without one’s phone even has a name: nomophobia.

“We’re so connected to our phones on a day-to-day basis,” said Jeff Stein, internet marketing consultant at ReachLocal – an online marketing and advertising solutions provider – at a 2019 Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo education session. “Many of us can’t live without our cellphones on us.”

Because people spend so much time on their mobile platforms, it’s critical that your company implements a digital marketing strategy to connect your company to your customers – and potential customers.

The propane industry is no exception to the need for digital marketing, and the opportunities for it are growing, whether it be through web advertisements, social media or your company website.

“That’s where the customers live – the digital space – so that’s what’s going to make the phone ring for business,” added Gary Corbett, regional sales representative at Warm Thoughts Communications, at the same session.

According to the study “Consumers in the Micro-Moment,” conducted by Google and Ipsos, more than 51 percent of smartphone users discovered a new company or product while conducting searches on their smartphones. It’s therefore critical to keep your website up-to-date, mobile-friendly and informative.

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“Your consumers are more informed today than they ever were. Whether it’s a propane company or a car dealership, you know what you’re getting before you get it, and you’re very informed now,” Stein said. “If you’re not the answer to your consumers’ questions, you’re missing the boat.”

Make sure to include specific details and keywords about your company on your website, which will help educate your customers and improve your search engine optimization. Continuously update company news through blogs and press releases. Remember to add new products and remove old ones. Finally, include reviews on your website so customers can access them immediately.

“Having an archaic website, where it’s just ‘Hey, call us for today’s price,’ is not acceptable anymore,” said Corbett. “You have to meet the customer halfway – meet them where they are. Go to the customer. They’re on their phones, they’re online. Maximizing on that is important.”

Offering relevant and timely content to your customers is a simple step in marketing your company. Take the time to revamp your online presence, and the return on investment will come.

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Allison Kral was a senior digital media manager at LP Gas magazine.

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