Eastern Propane & Oil reflects on 90 years in business

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Photo courtesy of Eastern Propane & Oil

Photo courtesy of Eastern Propane & Oil

New England-based Eastern Propane & Oil celebrated its 90th anniversary in business in 2022.

The company was established in 1932 by the Clement family as a hardware store in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Now in its fourth generation of family ownership, Eastern continues to grow as a full-service propane and oil company. During those 90 years of business, the company has completed 67 acquisitions. Its 12 districts are spread throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont.

During the spring meetings, the leadership team makes its way to each district to kick off the new year. “Last year, we focused on our 90 years, how we got to be where we are today and what that growth looked like,” says Tom Manson, CEO of Eastern since 2015.

Tom Manson


Along with Manson, 71-year-old owner Chuck Clement III went to all seven meetings sharing stories and memories about the company.

“Chuck would go off on a riff about his specific recollections, and it was inevitably hilarious,” Manson reflects. “And it was fun, talking about the 1950s, driving around in a truck with his uncle George, just so he could get a doughnut at the end of the day.”

Along with extensive marketing efforts, both for employees and customers, the company had multiple initiatives to mark the 90th anniversary.

“It all came back to community. And it all came back to the team,” says Whitney Cloutier, brand and marketing manager for Eastern. “A good portion of the celebration was internal and celebrating the team that is Eastern.”

Photo courtesy of Eastern Propane & Oil

Photo courtesy of Eastern Propane & Oil

She says Eastern began planning for the anniversary a year ahead of time, although cautiously following the pandemic. “It was such a celebratory year coming out of a long, few years,” she adds.

Photo by Richard Hauck, Eastern Propane & Oil

Photo by Richard Hauck, Eastern Propane & Oil

Culture is the foundation of Eastern, according to Manson and Cloutier, and the company has a chief culture officer to drive initiatives forward.

“In five short years, I have felt like more of a part of this team and a part of this family than I did in my career that was for 10 years prior to this,” Cloutier says.

Sept. 8 marked the company’s inaugural Truck Roadeo championship following team member’s participation in three division competitions during the summer.

“The event was a way for our drivers to showcase their talents,” Cloutier says. “And when the drivers came in from our different divisions to compete, the entire family was there to support, encourage and congratulate them.”

The company also featured a custom 90th anniversary bobtail in the Fourth of July parade in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

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