How to capitalize on propane autogas opportunities in 2023

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Propane marketers will continue to have an opportunity in 2023 when it comes to autogas – and not just for school buses, according to Roush CleanTech.

Roush says other notable applications for propane autogas include transit and paratransit buses and work trucks. The key is to have a plan that is twofold and focused on relationship-building:

1. Build relationships with key industry entities that can provide data and anecdotes about why propane makes sense. These include manufacturers, refueling experts and national organizations.

2. Reach out to local fleets, such as school bus fleet supervisors at area school districts, to discuss why autogas makes sense for them.

For propane marketers hesitant about entering the autogas market, there is plenty of motivation to do so, Roush CleanTech explains. First and foremost, it’s an excellent source of steady propane gallon sales. In other words, autogas sales aren’t dependent on the weather. They are set over the course of a year, which leads to more business stability for a marketer.

Renewable propane is another important issue propane marketers should monitor in 2023, Roush CleanTech adds.

Renewable propane keeps propane in the discussion for virtually every application, and it gives propane a long “runway” as a vehicle fuel into the future. But keep in mind that renewable propane supply is still relatively limited and, in most cases, has already been purchased by forward-thinking marketers, the company notes. So, mass usage and adoption are not imminent.

Roush CleanTech says marketers should talk about propane autogas with companies that are feeling pressure to switch to electric vehicles, especially if company leaders believe the misperception that propane is a “dying fuel.”

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