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There’s no denying that we’ve seen a rise in digital ad campaigns during the past few years, and it’s no surprise as to why: They’re flexible, measurable and customizable.

“Marketers today are investing more in video channels, social networks such as Instagram and messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, in a bid to reach customers and prospects where they prefer to be online,” according to Hubspot’s 2018 State of Inbound global report.

With that in mind, check out some tips for getting the most engagement from your audience through your digital ads.

1. Set a goal. Decide what exactly you want to achieve from your campaign. Is it impressions? Is it brand awareness? Is it traffic? Determining what you want to get out of your campaign will set the precedent for how you set up, design and target your ads.

2. Target your audience. Platforms like Facebook and Google allow you to target specific demographics when setting up an ad, including location, gender, age, interests and more. Use these tools to target the individuals you’re already familiar with or use them to target an entirely new group of people.

3. Keep it simple. While you may want to convey several messages through your digital ads, it’s best to convey those messages one at a time. Including several images on one ad can be distracting for your audience, and a lot of text can be difficult to read. Keep your message concise and clear – you don’t want your audience misunderstanding the purpose of your ad. If you’re conflicted about an ad’s design, ask someone not involved in the campaign to gauge their perspective, or try to look at the ad from a viewer’s standpoint. Ask yourself: Is this an ad I’d click on? Am I drawn to this ad?

4. Rotate your ad on a regular basis. The beauty of running a digital ad campaign is that you have the freedom to regularly rotate your ads or run several campaigns at once. Don’t let your ad content get stale – rotate your ads on a weekly or monthly basis. Use your digital ad campaign as an opportunity to see what types of ads perform best with your audience. Don’t be afraid to test new strategies either. The digital realm is an excellent avenue for trial and error.

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Allison Kral was a senior digital media manager at LP Gas magazine.

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