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Chart 1: Total Propane Demand (Chart: Cost Management Solutions)

Propane demand continues at record high

February 20, 2024 By

Chart 1: Crude and Propane Closing Prices (Chart: Cost Management Solutions)

Back to backwardation for crude

February 12, 2024 By

Chart 1: Total United States Propane/Propylene Inventory 2019 Forward (Cost Management Solutions)

Propane market reaches normalization

February 5, 2024 By

Chart 1: Week to Week Propane Inventory Changes

Propane inventory posts largest draw on record

January 29, 2024 By

Chart 1: Cost Management Solutions

Closing propane forward positions

January 22, 2024 By

Chart 3: 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook (Chart: EIA)

Propane market reacts as feared

January 16, 2024 By

Chart 4: Temperature Outlook for Jan. 11-15, 2024 (Chart: EIA)

Propane inventory adjustment could spike prices

January 8, 2024 By

Trader's Corner. Logos: LP Gas and Cost Management Solutions

Managing supply price risk in the second half of winter

January 2, 2024 By

Trader's Corner. Logos: LP Gas and Cost Management Solutions, Stamp: PeterPencil/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images

Top 10: The best of Trader’s Corner 2023

December 26, 2023 By

Chart 2: Midwest Propane Inventory

Calling on winter propane demand

December 18, 2023 By