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Expected La Niña could heighten hurricane season

May 20, 2024 By

Chart 4: Current Mont Belvieu ETR

Downtrend favors propane buyers

May 13, 2024 By

Chart 2: Crude and Propane Closing Prices

Does threat or opportunity win in your propane-buying plan?

May 6, 2024 By

Chart 1: US Propane/Propylene Production

Clash of the titans: Propane production and exports

April 29, 2024 By

Chart 3: US Propane/Propylene Demand Week 15

Inventory build resets market

April 22, 2024 By

Table 2: Hedge Plan Sept.-April 2024-2025 (Chart: Cost Management Solutions)

Looking forward to next winter and beyond

April 15, 2024 By

Chart 1: Natural Gas Inventories (2018 Forward)

Natural gas production slowing

April 8, 2024 By

Chart 2: Total United States Propane/Propylene Inventory

Propane production recovers to near-record levels

April 1, 2024 By

Chart 1: Closing Propane Prices Chart: Cost Management Solutions

What in the world? The influence of US propane exports

March 25, 2024 By

Table: Propane Ready for Sale

Breaking down the new propane inventory number

March 18, 2024 By