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Give back to your community digitally

December 21, 2023 By    

If you plan to increase your volunteer efforts this holiday season, you’re not alone. Volunteering increases by at least 50 percent during the last two months of the year, according to UT Dallas Magazine.

Here are some ways to make a difference in your community using digital tools.

⦁ Highlight local businesses with social media posts on your company platforms. Consider running a campaign featuring a different company every day. The posts can include what products and services are offered, information about the business or how to purchase a gift card. Hopefully that other local business will interact with your post and, in turn, recommend your company to their customers and followers.

⦁ In your company’s time management software for employees, set up a volunteer-hour option. Allotting specific time for employees to volunteer will make them more likely to set aside the time when creating their schedule. Have employees track and document their volunteer hours and consider awarding team members who have made a difference in the community at the end of the year.

⦁ Create a fundraiser on social media for a cause your company wants to support. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube include options to create a fundraiser on your account page. Your customers and followers can directly donate to the fundraiser featured.

⦁ Ask your employees what charities they are passionate about. Consider donating a portion of proceeds to a charity of their choice or rotating through a select few. If any team members are willing to share a personal story about why a particular organization is so important to them, highlight their passion in an email newsletter to customers.

⦁ Set up a website page listing your company’s community work and involvement. Create a space to share different events, descriptions and photos of your team volunteering. Include the participation dates to emphasize your company’s longevity and commitment to an organization over the years.

⦁ You know how important reviews are to your business, so make sure another company in your community understands the power of a positive review. If you host the company holiday party (or any other event throughout the year) at a local restaurant or venue, be sure to leave a review or share your company’s experience.

⦁ Similar to featuring local businesses in your community, try tagging the accounts of your local vendors who make your business run successfully. Thank them for their partnership while letting your customers know who helps your operation run smoothly.

⦁ No matter what type of volunteering or community involvement your company has, be sure to share it on social media. Post about events hosted in your showroom for local charities, fundraisers or food drives. When donating products or services, take a photo to share online. Think about honoring veterans, military personnel, first responders or teachers with discounts or recognition, and post about the promotion.

By getting involved this holiday season, your company will build more connections, empower employees to do good and make a direct impact on your local community.

About the Author:

Danielle Pesta is the senior digital media manager for North Coast Media, the parent company of LP Gas. She can be reached at

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