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Chart 3: US Propane/Propylene Demand 2018 Forward

Propane prices turn lower

September 25, 2023 By

Chart 1: WTI Crude

Part II: Evaluating the state of crude prices

July 17, 2023 By

Chart 1: Crude and Propane Closing Prices (Credit: Cost Management Solutions)

Is it a good time to buy propane?

May 8, 2023 By

Chart 3: North American: Active Rigs Drilling for Natural Gas

Crude, natural gas drilling is slowing

May 1, 2023 By

Chart 1: Total U.S. Propane Exports 2018 Forward (Chart: Cost Management Solutions)

Propane exports reach record high

April 24, 2023 By

Chart 2: Cost Management Solutions

Crude releases could make propane buyers complacent

April 17, 2023 By

Chart 1: Cost Management Solutions

Crude could push propane prices

April 10, 2023 By

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Adjusting benchmarks for crude, propane prices

August 11, 2020 By

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Propane trends near 50 cents per gallon, 50 percent of WTI crude value

July 21, 2020 By

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Propane pricing will hinge on crude production

June 23, 2020 By